Sunday, June 5, 2016

How does For Sale by Owner Flat Fee MLS work?

How a For Sale by Owner Flat Fee MLS Listing is different From a Full Service Realtor® in Savings.

In a standard traditional real estate transaction with a Realtor®, the seller agrees to compensate the Realtor® a percentage of the sale price, typically 6%-7% plus a small transaction fee for a house listing. The Realtor® then places your property in the Multiple Listing Service ( MLS ), offering half(3%) of their commission to any agents that finds a buyer for the property.
In a For Sale by Owner flat fee MLS listing, the owner will pay a broker like HouseKey Real Estate a flat fee in advance to place your listing into the MLS. This is called "Fee for Service" and Housekey Real Estate will still offer the 3% to any agents who find a buyer, as required by most Multiple Listing Service boards. The savings would be in the form of 3% of the sale price, minus the fee you paid up front.
Our For Sale by Owner program is different than most because we are local brokers in the Springfield/Branson area and we actually come to the property and meet with you and go over your goals and selling objectives.
Our FSBO Flat Fee MLS fee is just $495.00 and you can see more information HERE

The Savings Can Be Great Depending On Your Home Sales Price!

If you were sell your home for $150,000, using a Realtor® you would have to pay $9,000 in commission, $4,500 to the Listing Realtor® you listed your property with, and $4,500 to the agent who found a buyer for you.
If you used Housekey on a flat fee listing, your commission owed would be $5,590, $495.00 for the flat fee MLS listing paid upfront then $895.00 paid at closing , and $4,500 to the agent who found a buyer for you.
By using a Housekey Real Estate flat fee MLS service instead of a full service traditional agent, you would save $3,110

Find a Buyer Yourself, Keep you Buyer's Agent Commission!

As an added benefit, many flat fee brokers, including Housekey Real Estate, let you keep the 3% commission a buyer's agent would receive if you found a buyer yourself. Most full service Realtors® would keep the full 6% commission for themselves in that situation!
We will help you with our Broker Assist Program to handle the paperwork for one low price! See it Here

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