Sunday, November 9, 2008

15 ways to help get your home SOLD!

The following strategies are working to get homes sold in the Springfield, Missouri market! Not every one of these strategies will be right for your home, and not all would be something you would consider. However, a few well-chosen ideas can make the difference in the sale of your house. Make sure to discuss these with a qualified HouseKey Real Estate Agent . If you are NOT MOTIVATED, you will not find these strategies as viable options and that is okay. These ideas are only for serious sellers that must sell their home in the next 90 days or less.
1) Price it carefully...This is not the time to let ego get in the way making a sale, Consider the advantages on getting a better deal on the home you purchase, don't let a $20,000 equity position get in the way of buying another home with a LARGER equity position. Meet with one of our Agents who can help you analyze the market and position you to stand out from the pack. There is a lot of competition and you cannot afford to blend in with the hundreds of homes for sale in the Springfield market.
2) Condition is critical in the sales process. Ask us for suggestions to improve the sale ability of your home. If your home lacks updates and you would consider your home just average, an average price will not be good enough.
3) Review with your HouseKey agent carefully current market statistics in your area, including the absorption rate of homes like yours in the area.
4) Consider using a HouseKey Discount Real Estate  agent to list your home, Our Full service flat fee for $1995.00 is the best fee going for selling ( See Program Here ) . We are one of the only Real Estate companies in the Springfield area that does NOT diminish your equity by charging a percentage based listing fee, we earn our fees by selling Real Estate not listing and waiting for another Agent to sell our listings. We save home owners tons in listing fees. This allows our sellers to price their homes to be MORE competitive.
5) Ask our agent for a plan of action and strategies they will use to sell the home.
6) If your home is not under contract within two to three weeks, consider taking another look at the price. Most homes today that sell, do so within the first 45 days if priced well.
7) Make your home as accessible as possible. Showing it is an inconvenience; however, the one buyer you turn away may be the right one! I have seen so many sellers make this mistake only to have that buyer find another home and buy it that same day! Be Ready!
8) Remove clutter and any other distractions from the property. Make minor repairs, Curb appeal is key to success, make sure your home looks great from the driveway.
9) If the home is not under contract in 30 days, ask your agent to do a complete re-analysis and also present a new game plan. Time is money and you can't assume your agent is aware of any NEW listings in the area that compete with your home.
10) Look at your competition with your agent, at least online if not in person.
11) If possible, try to work with the offers you get without countering. Buyers often walk away from counteroffers because of the amount of choices available, we recently had one couple make one offer to the first three homes they liked and walked away from every counter offer, the fourth seller did not counter and SOLD! Once you sign an offer you ARE "Under Contract".
12) Consider a home warranty to offer potential buyers, also consider having your home inspected and provide a report to potential Buyers.
13) Consider allowing your agent to disclose motivation in the remarks sections of the MLS. Buyers are looking for motivated sellers.
14) Consider offering increased commissions or a sales bonus to the Buyers agent this will help drive traffic to your home, Make your home stand out to the agents as well.
15) Consider offering to pay closing costs or other incentives to help your property stand out from the pack!
Consider that for each month your home is on the market because of a slightly higher price you lose that much more because you are making interest payments on your home. If your monthly payment is $1500 per month and it takes 6 months to sell, 6 x $1500 = $9000.00 in equity gone!
HouseKey Real Estate fees for traditional service is just $1995.00 paid at closing. For more information please call 417-849-6595 or visit

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